Alignerly clear aligners are 75% less than the cost of other clear aligners or braces. Cheaper does not mean lower quality, we save costs by selling to you online.

  • Free Video Consultation or Home Impression Kit (worth up to €99)
  • Customised treatment plan within 5 working days
  • Full aligner treatment (worth €1,799)
  • Whitening treatment (worth €200)
  • Free Retainers to keep your smile in place
  • No hidden fees, no hassle

Value Pay


Just One and you’re done. Our easy one off payment saves you money and gets you smiling!


138 / month

100% approval, €299 down and you pay @ €138 per month for just 12 months (€1,955).

Money cannot buy you happiness, but it can buy you smiles.

What our customers have to smile about.

Excellent service

I finished my treatment well over a year ago now – I just wanted to say how easy it all was, and how happy I am with my smile now. It was worth every penny and I have recommended to many friends.


Quick and amazing service

Quick and amazing service. I went for a scan spoke about my plan. The dentist was so helpful. In 2 days i got a video of before and after i was happy with the results and i went for the treatment. Its my second week in my treatment and they are better aligners then invisalign. I highly recommend this treatment.


Very Happy

Very happy so far with the process, the team are very efficient at answering any of my queries and quick to accommodate me when needed. The dentist went through all aspects of my treatment plan with me and answered all my questions. Two of my close friends have already had fantastic results in a very quick time so i am looking forward to my results.


Great Communication

Great communication, lovely customer service, real help to find solution for problems (for example I had to change my appointment last minute). Highly recommended.


Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Alignerly’s invisible teeth aligners are the most affordable on the market and cost 75% less than other teeth-straightening methods. You’re not only saving money on your invisible aligners, but also money from the dentist and orthodontist appointments you would have had to pay for. We also offer a variety of packages to better fit your situation and budget.

We will work with you to see if your insurance will cover any of our treatments. If you’d like to check on your eligibility for coverage yourself, just ask your insurer if you have an orthodontic benefit and whether that benefit covers treatments billed by Alignerly.

Changes in teeth crowding and spacing affect your bite, so to make sure your bite isn’t affected, our dentists like to assess both arches and more often than not treat both arches at the same time to achieve the perfect results for your perfect smile. For this reason, the price is the same whether you’re doing just the top, just the bottom or both.

Free. That’s right, you get a set of retainers for FREE with your Alignerly purchase. Replacement retainers are £99.

Get your Alignerly Bundle. Risk Free.

You want more to smile about,

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  • All dentists reviews

  • Teeth impressions

  • Clinical records

  • Personalised clear aligners

  • Retainers

  • Direct access to customer support