Get all the ortho experience without the waiting room and expense.


Step 1. Impress Us!

First, we post your easy to use Home Impression Kit to make dental impressions at home. Then your assigned UK General Dental Council registered dentist provides and approves your customised digital treatment plan of how your teeth will look after treatment.

Step 2. Let’s get it straight!

If you are happy with your plan your dentist prescribes and puts your aligners into production, we put them through our quality assurance programme and then ship them to your home. Wear each aligner for 2 weeks, then move on to your next one as directed for the duration of your prescribed treatment.

Step 3. The Big Reveal!

Thats it! We provide FREE retainers with your treatment and premium whitening to make your smile shine.

What our customers have to smile about.

Excellent service

I finished my treatment well over a year ago now – I just wanted to say how easy it all was, and how happy I am with my smile now. It was worth every penny and I have recommended to many friends.


Quick and amazing service

Quick and amazing service. I went for a scan spoke about my plan. The dentist was so helpful. In 2 days i got a video of before and after i was happy with the results and i went for the treatment. Its my second week in my treatment and they are better aligners then invisalign. I highly recommend this treatment.


Very Happy

Very happy so far with the process, the team are very efficient at answering any of my queries and quick to accommodate me when needed. The dentist went through all aspects of my treatment plan with me and answered all my questions. Two of my close friends have already had fantastic results in a very quick time so i am looking forward to my results.


Great Communication

Great communication, lovely customer service, real help to find solution for problems (for example I had to change my appointment last minute). Highly recommended.


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